To our valued customers,

Our world has changed and we all must find the path that adheres to the needs of social distancing while still being able to live some level of a normal life. We must be careful and we must be prudent, but we live in Maine and let us not forget to apprecitate the beauty that surrounds us.

And since Spring in Maine means Mud Season, there is work to be done. Turn off the news for a little while and get outside as driveways and roads need to be raked, the garden will soon need to be planted, and it’s time to dig out and service the equipment as the grass will soon be growing once again...

Being AG based we have been designated as essential and will stay open as long as we are allowed to and are able to. We ask for your support and input as we create the right way of safely providing what is needed and otherwise being of service.

We do not have to meet face to face. We can talk on the phone, or use text, FaceTime and email. We can deliver parts or equipment to and from your doorstep or dooryard, and equipment can be picked up and dropped off from behind the shop with a simple phone call letting us know what needs to be done. Not exactly the ‘Friendly Folks’ way, but we can make up for the lost handshakes and banter at a later date.

Your support and patronage will be critically important in this effort as our volume of business was virtually shut off after the President and our Governor spoke last Sunday. This was critically impactful as things were just starting to pickup after an abysmally slow, mild winter.

As we all establish our new norm in how to be safe and to get things done, together we will weather this storm as things will once again pick up. In the meantime, we are open normal hours. And although employee hours have been reduced, we have thus far avoided layoffs while continuing to provide healthcare coverage.

Again, thank you for your support. And be safe.

Ken and Debby Keiran